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Hi Parent Friends!! @Sanjana Murthy @Chastidy Brianna @Devina Tyagi @Nureshmi Hassim @blindianproject2020 @blissfullyblindian @Priya Ban @Amrita Riat @pardeep.d.kaur @Piya Newkirk @Marina Alexander @Martha Chandran-Dickerson @Maryann Lukos @Rini Rejinold @Zahra Onsori @eastwest1725 @Vincent Obisie-Orlu @iloveme4eva @jkasse @escott90 @rsmm1010 @vpunnam @soniadj6 @mcasuba

(shouting everyone out - i think 🥵, to activate some lively conversation. Don’t be shy ☺️ - would love to hear your thoughts. )

Good Morning & Happy Spring (and finally warmer weather)! Incredibly, Holi & Easter are here next week!

How do you celebrate with your children?

As I’m Christian, we celebrate the (pastel) colors and spirit of Easter (rebirth/resurrection) with bonnets, baskets, decorated eggs and family dinner 🐰 . I use to go to church for (what seemed to be hours, 😊) but with a toddler, we’ll revisit that idea in a couple more years.

Any suggestions on how to start talking about Holi or incorporating it into our celebrations? Or sharing past fond family memories - Easter / Holi. thanks!!! 🐣 Petra

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