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#BlindianProject Parents & Families

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What's going on beautiful people!

Members of the community have been asking for a more intimate forum for conversations. Unfortunately, our this platform/forum has limited and didn't work in the way we expected it. We're currently trialing a Discord server as a new members-only area.

If you're interested in discussing; relationships, dating, raising families, culture, religion, and more in a more intimate setting, please email us with a bit about yourself and I'll send you an invite.

How did you go about finding biracial names that combine both cultures?

How do you navigate cultural education and explanation for your children ?

Hi Parent Friends!! @Sanjana Murthy @Chastidy Brianna @Devina Tyagi @Nureshmi Hassim @blindianproject2020 @blissfullyblindian @Priya Ban @Amrita Riat @pardeep.d.kaur @Piya Newkirk @Marina Alexander @Martha Chandran-Dickerson @Maryann Lukos @Rini Rejinold @Zahra Onsori @eastwest1725 @Vincent Obisie-Orlu @iloveme4eva @jkasse @escott90 @rsmm1010 @vpunnam @soniadj6 @mcasuba

(shouting everyone out - i think 🥵, to activate some lively conversation. Don’t be shy ☺️ - would love to hear your thoughts. )

Good Morning & Happy Spring (and finally warmer weather)! Incredibly, Holi & Easter are here next week!

How do you celebrate with your children?


Wanted to introduce our family to the community. Currently live 1hr outside of London, England.

Jonah Batambuze - Ugandan-American born Chicago

Swetha Maddula-Batambuze - Guntur born, grew up in Ireland/England

Ajani - 4yrs old, loves putting things together and picking on his older sister

Iyla - 7rs old, loves unicorns, swimming, and plays the piano and violin

P. Reddy Pothukolu, NJ (US)


Welcome to the #BlindianProject Parents & Families community...
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