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Wildy & Hersheda

Updated: May 30, 2023

We met in 2019 and became good friends. Over the next three years, we got to know each other well and saw how much we had in common: gaming, humor, Harry Potter, Marvel movies, Star Wars, travel, values, work ethic, competitiveness, and more. But even with all the similarities, dating wasn't something we thought about. Our friendship ebbed and flowed and sometimes even waned, as can happen with people who are too similar.

But in 2022, things changed and aligned in a way we didn't expect. The unexplored energy between us became more present than ever, creating an opportunity to find deep and lasting love that felt worth exploring. Despite its cost, giving those feelings a chance has paid off in the most beautifully rewarding ways.

As soon as we decided to move forward, we hit the ground running — traveling somewhere new every month, reintroducing ourselves as a couple to each other's family and friends, and blending our cultures in exciting ways. It's been a movie-like experience, and we're grateful for every minute of this journey.

You wouldn't think we would fit on paper, from our careers to our cultures (I'm a Haitian American creative and entrepreneur, and she's a Gujarati-Indian American working in political data), but that has yet to hold us back. Once you dig beneath the surface area, you find that we hold the same values, share many experiences, and strive for the same future. We each have unique perspectives and are perfectly balanced reflections of each other. We are redefining what authentic appreciation, friendship, and love look like — something we've never seen in our cultures but know works for us.

We're looking forward to more adventures and new joys as we blend our lives and grow into who we are meant to be for each other.

We hope that you've enjoyed this content. Do you have any ideas, questions, or comments about our work, or interested in collaborating? Email:, and

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