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Josselyn & Brandon

“I honestly never thought it would happen.”

My name is Josselyn, and my husband’s name is Brandon. I am Malayalee, and he is African American. Throughout, our love was tested in numerous ways. We almost called it quits in the early stages because I didn’t have the courage to tell my parents and face them. We tried and couldn’t even go six hours without talking, so I said “fine, let’s see where this goes.” Time went on, we moved in together, and grew fonder and in love.

Eventually it was my baby sister who gave me the courage and strength to come out and follow my heart.

My mom grew to be more easy-going and was supportive because she realized love is love and not a color. Eventually, my dad came around, and accepted it.

It was so beautiful to see our families come together for our wedding. The day after, Both my mom and dad called me separately to tell me how proud they were of me and leave it in God’s hands. I don’t think they ever said they were proud of me.

The BlindianProject community has always been an inspiration to us and I never thought I would be one of those people. so thank you for shedding light ❤️

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