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Vibrations of Blackness: Connecting The Diaspora With The Continent



A series of performances, films, food, and after-party celebrating Black History Month. {link in bio}

Bridge Back Home: Traditional Food // 18:00 p.m.

"An investment in understanding the origins of another's food tradition is a powerful means of showing love and commitment."

-Chelli Keshavan

Food nourishes our souls and is essential for survival. In addition, it is the center and the creator of community, seamlessly bringing people of various cultures, races, religions, etc., to the same table.

Using Ugandan cuisine as a medium, which is heavily influenced by English, Arab, and South Asian culture, postcolonial conversations are to bring people together, encouraging them to open their hearts and minds to shifting perceptions and spark conversations that aren’t always possible in a fast-moving, segregated society.

** Vegetarian menu (tbc) Served from 18:00, and available while supplies last .**

When We Own Our Narratives: Film Screenings + Q&A // 20:00 pm

For centuries Black x Brown people have been at the mercy of others telling our stories. From the creation of social constructs like race to justify slavery and racial hierarchies to minstrel shows and negative depictions of Africa, we can see the cynicism created when we don't own our narratives.

Those of us fighting on the frontline against white supremacy and institutional racism realize that allyship is essential to win this battle. However, all of us that choose to stand up often question whether we're well-versed enough to speak up.

Six short films centering the Black experience were curated from the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and Uganda after a worldwide open call. After watching each film, the audience is asked to determine which perspective the film was created from. By starting a conversation around how we perceive our communities, we can consider what intentional solidarity looks like.

Soundtrack: DJs // 22:00 p.m.

+More TBA


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