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Trust Your Path

My partner Blake and I instantly hit it off after meeting online in 2018 in our late 20's. I'd never felt such a deep connection, and I knew that we would share our journey together within the first month.

When we first started dating, I felt no need to hide it from my Dad as he already knew my preference in men. My mum, unfortunately, passed away when I was 12.

Because I knew I would face some level of criticism about dating outside of the Asian community and dating someone who is of Jamaican descent,I kept it semi-secret for about eight months (some cousins etc. knew). When the whole family came to know, my uncles tried multiple times to get me to break up with him, tried to force my Dad and brother to turn against my relationship & judged us both on every level possible.

I had never felt so insulted or embarrassed in my life. Not had I ever witnessed such blatant racism firsthand.

People were talking behind my back, and never to me. When I confronted several family members, I simply laid it all out there and told them to focus on themselves — and cut them out of my life.

I instantly felt lighter.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it was easy. I'm just saying it was worth it. It built a lot of character and life lessons.

Years later, here we are looking for our own home & sharing a beautiful six-month-old baby! I've never felt so secure, content & happy. We often follow the beliefs of many generations where we're told what we should and shouldn't do, but this doesn't work for everyone. We're all individuals with our own needs and desires, so trust your path. Its so much more liberating. It will all work out in the end ❤

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