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Trejon and Simran

Our names are Trejon and Simran. We have been friends for more than five years and just celebrated our second anniversary as a couple. We met in a Chinese class at Tulane University in New Orleans. We are both proficient in Mandarin and later studied abroad together in Shanghai, China. This December, we're finishing our master's degree in London.

I am Gujarati, born in Miami, with family roots in Tanzania, East Africa, and Mumbai. Trejon is African American from Los Angeles.

Our life goals and aspirations closely align, and we hope to see this relationship flourish into an amazing life together. We both take very deliberate actions to share our cultures and feel that it is such a privilege to be able to celebrate more than one culture in our lifetime.

Unfortunately, we have faced some opposition in our relationship, hindering my life's happiness and mental health. However, we know this is due to deep-rooted problems and hope to connect with other couples like us to make friends and learn how to@navigate the tough situations many have faced.

Come and say hello!

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