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Sophia & Divine

My name is Sophia and I grew up in the Vancouver area. I met my husband Divine in university in 2016. We were in the same program at university and started chatting regularly, hanging out and studying together. For the next couple of years, our friendship grew stronger but so did the feelings! In 2018, we realized we wanted to be more than friends and began dating. We have been together since.

There were many challenges along the way and my parents weren’t supportive at first, but we overcame them together. Divine proposed to me in January 2022 after obtaining their blessings.

In January 2023, we went to Nigeria and had our first wedding ceremony in a church. Six months later, in July 2023, we had our multi-day Punjabi wedding. We wanted to honour both our families and backgrounds and rather than a blend or fusion wedding, we thought why not have two?

I’m grateful to have met and married my best friend.

✍️: @_sophiagaba

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