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Seasonin' & Spice World Tour: Trinidad & Tobago // Jamaica

Spice & Seasonin' World Tour with @thirdculturecooks

India has the largest diaspora population globally, with 18 million people who've carried their history, recipes, and family secrets with them to far-off lands. These people have transformed the way the world 🌎 cooks and eats 🥘

Our First stop: Trinidad & Tobago // Jamaica

Join our event series that highlights the global culinary connectedness from the perspective of South Asian history.

We'll learn about fabulous dishes such as, Jamaican Stew Peas with Spinners - an honest to goodness moreish stew that keeps the belly warm and the heart full. A perfect example of Jamaica in a bowl, incorporating Arawak, West African and Indian cooking techniques and ingredients. This stew is a beautiful expression of a cuisine establishing itself in the face of adversity.

About Third Culture Cooks:

Ragini, is a development professional who now spends her time bringing together her three greatest loves: food, history and education. She runs Third Culture Cooks and creates a number of culinary and educational experiences for folks, exploring, learning about, and reflecting on the food they eat. She is studying and eating her way through the movement of the Indian diaspora around the globe through the project "To Desi, from Desh". Her obsession with understanding why we eat as we do (or don't), is taking her down her current path, and you can join the journey for meals, classes, recipes and courses @thirdculturecooks {link in bio}

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