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My name is Preseta (@ms.preseta), and my passion is #shamefreefemininity for all women, especially mothers! My family is from Kerala, and I was born in Mumbai. We immigrated to the US when I was five and landed in Houston. After several years, we moved to Oklahoma City, which is where I grew up.

I felt a deep connection with my Black friends from a young age because my family back home was dark-skinned. There were also many cultural similarities between how my Black friends and I grew up (especially around whoopins). As I went to college, I shed all the cultural limitations imposed upon me by Indian society, and I embraced Black culture. I joined a Black sorority (#ZPhiB1920), and I met David in 2009 when I graduated from #OU.

David and I got married and had three beautiful #blindian kids. Although we divorced in 2020, we remain great co-parents, because we love our children. Throughout the decade we spent raising a family, my identity changed significantly. As an engineer by trade, I had to decide my values and priorities, or else all my time would be given to my job. Most importantly, I confronted the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse I endured from my family while growing up. As a result, I became focused on healing and growing to become the best version of myself. I didn't want my children to fight the same emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental battles as me, and they became my "why." It took over a decade to work through the generational traumas carried in my family, but now I know the pursuit of my highest Self is never-ending.

During this process, I realized my passion is healing women, especially mothers, because our femininity, sensuality, and sexuality are defined by a male-dominated world (#texasabortionlaw). We all have our own degree of modesty and openness with our bodies. Navigating that is difficult enough without adding layers of abuse, plus the changes our bodies go through while carrying children. My vision is for women to be shame-free with their femininity, and my goal is to help women get there through self-reflection, coaching, conversations, and education.

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