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Nafisul and Deshonta

My name is Nafisul, and my wife's name is DeShonta. I'm Bangladeshi raised in Northern Virginia, and my wife is African-American raised in Southern Virginia.

We met in 2012 through mutual friends while on spring break in Miami, and both went to George Mason University. We continued to be mutual friends via social media until February 2013, when we had our first date.

Between 2013-2018 we dated, played flag football together, advanced our careers, and made many friends that are like family now. Initially, there was skepticism from aunts, uncles, and my parents. Being from blended cultures, the usual questions about raising our children arose. But, as they saw us together and how we interacted, they felt comfortable we were very compatible.

In 2018 we tied the knot and had a big fusion wedding! Our advice to couples like us is to follow your heart and allow it to guide you to the best decisions. In a multicultural relationship, stay true to yourself but be open to new things.

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