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Manasi & Ethan

Ethan and I met in 2018 via Bumble while doing my masters in Savannah, GA. I'm Indian, primarily raised in Delhi by parents from Kerala, while Ethan is American, raised in FL by a black mother and white father. We couldn't be more different regarding our cultural backgrounds and lived experiences, yet we had so much in common.

We have been together for over five years, out of which we have lived in the same place for only 11 months, as I had to move back to India in 2019. There were two years of the pandemic when we could not meet at all due to travel restrictions. But we held on to each other with unending hope, love and trust. We used the time and space to nurture our relationship and grow as individuals emotionally. Despite the expected challenges of long distance, we stood firm in our sense of security and optimism.

We got engaged in 2021 when we finally met in Germany, one of the first countries to open its borders. It was a magical moment at Heidelberg Castle, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to reach a new milestone in our relationship.

We got married in 2022 while I was visiting the US. We had a small private ceremony with just us, the officiant and our photographer, and it was beautiful. Of course, my Indian parents wouldn't let us get away without a big wedding reception that they hosted for us in 2023. It was important for them to show their support and blessings for our union before our people in India. I wasn't the least bit surprised that this kind, friendly and funny man was a huge hit with my folks, and it has been heart-warming to see him make his place in my world.

We are still living apart as we are currently amidst our application for my immigration to the US, a process that can test one's patience in every way possible. But we are somewhat experts at this now, so just keeping our fingers crossed and focusing on what is in our control.

We began our journey without any clue of our direction and timelines, yet we chose to leap and embrace all the challenges that came with it, and I couldn't have chosen a better companion to do life with. He makes it all worth it.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

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