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Laveet & Jason

My partner, Jason, has not only taught me the importance of living life on your own terms but my brand Kaur Mvmnt wouldn't exist without him.

It never escapes me that I am able to share what I have learned in my life with other women through my platform because of this extremely supportive man in my life.

It’s funny how people look at a person's race, class, or appearance before they even begin to understand who they are at the core. I'm glad that when I saw Jason, I took a risk and fell in love with the person he is and the person he inspires me to be every day and did not carry the stigma that is associated with interracial relationships in both our communities.

We have been together for five years. After getting some snarky comments and side-eyes, we decided to combat negativity with the positive collaboration of two cultures through fashion by starting our business Jala Goods Co. We fused our names together to celebrate what can happen when two people are united through passion and a shared vision.

As with any couple who crosses over from a personal relationship to a business relationship, we have our ups and downs. Our determination to stick together through it all is what keeps us moving forward. At the end of the day:

Love is love.

It does not fit into a box.

It requires work and patience.

It is based in trust and commitment.

We are a proud #Blindian couple.

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