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Hopes And Dreams Returns With Kasim Ali

Hopes and Dreams Conversations with @juskasim//

10th March 2022 9:00 pm GMT / 4:00 pm EST @blindianproject Hopes and Dreams conversational series returns with a thought-provoking conversation with Kasim Ali that hits close to home.


Kasim is a British-Pakistani, Assistant Editor at @penguinrandomhouse. He is the author of Good Intentions, the recently published lead fiction novel @4thestatebooks

The story centres on Nur, a young British Pakistani man struggling with the dilemma of introducing his Sudanese girlfriend to his family.

Nur and Yasmina are in love

They've been together for four happy years.

But Nur's parents don't know that Yasmina exists.

As Nur's family counts down to midnight on New Year's Eve, Nur is watching the clock more closely than most. He has made a pact with himself and with his girlfriend, Yasmina, that at midnight he will finally tell his Pakistani parents the truth.

That he has spent years hiding his personal life from them to preserve his image as the golden child.

That he has built a life with a woman he loves, and she is Black.

Nur wants to be the good son his parents ask him to be and the good boyfriend Yasmina needs him to be. But as everything he holds dear is challenged, he is forced to ask, is love a choice for a second-generation immigrant son like him?

So many questions to ask and conversations to have...Join us on Instagram Live for an honest conversation about moments that many of us have experienced, or are currently experiencing.

If you'd like Kasim to answer any questions ahead of time, please DM to me or email:

To purchase Good Intentions

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