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Feeling Seen At The BlindianProject Carnival

So grateful for authentic spaces like @blindianproject! ✨

Intentional spaces like these are incredibly important for Black and Brown communities to come together, learn from one another and celebrate our cultures and heritage. 🪷

My first #BlindianProject carnival, and I felt so seen! 🥺

A huge thank you to @realjonahbatambuze, @ay3shagram, and to all the wonderful artisans, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative souls for organizing such a beautiful event.🌛

‘The BlindianProject is a collective of dreamers, healers, visionaries, and thought-leaders who aim to inspire the Global Majority through creative storytelling and placemaking to live unapologetically and authentically.’ ❤️‍🔥

May we continue to build connection, understanding, and solidarity amongst Black and Brown communities. 🌹

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