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Carl & Lata

Today Lata and I see 32 years together! We met on June 30, 1991, at 16, and I had just turned 18. I had planned on going out of state to school, but I dated her that Summer and decided to skip the college I had accepted to see "where this could go...". Well, It went through our teens, through our 20s, through our 30s, through our 40s (Lata will join the 50s conversation next year), and we are yet to write out our #LoveStory

#TransparencyIsFreedom We met in 1991 and had nothing in common. Here 32 years later, STILL very little in common. Born on two different hemispheres with dueling value systems when we met. On paper, we are not supposed to be here. We've had many divergent trials and challenges (starting with her being disowned after we came out of hiding in 1993) and wrestled with life and each other for over three decades. One thing that I can say for sure, though, the Bible is right. #LoveEnduresAll It bears all things. Real love, though, From zits in your teens to menopause in the late 40s, love will be tested BEST over time. Not overnight. The things you go through together over time cement you as a couple. And you can't pray or wish those tough times away. You have to feel those pains and disappointments and whether them together.

We've never always agreed, but we've always listened, respected, and considered one another. A house divided can NOT stand. But it can lean a looooooooong time if love is present.

I want to encourage someone who may be just starting in your Blindian relationship. You see the challenges ahead and notice the differences in culture, habits, lifestyles, and perspectives. My message to you is not to ignore them. Use them. Harness them and let that lead you to a journey of #ContinualSearchAndDiscovery of your partner. That's the essence of romance.

Lata is NOT the 16-year-old girl that I met back in 1991. I have had to discover her continually. Through our four years of dating. Through our four sons. Buying homes and cars. Building faith. Taking vacations. Arguing. Being sick. Being broke. Struggling. Unsure. Unhappy. Disappointed. You know, the stuff and times that no one puts on Instagram or Facebook. Those times are some of the perfect times to fall in love with your husband/wife because those are the times when they are most vulnerable and when they let you into who they are. Those are the REALEST conversations that unearth immeasurable treasure on who they are (and how they were raised etc.).When you use that information to understand your spouse, you leverage your relationship for the greatest long-term success.

Most couples split and run at adversity and differences. But the best couples understand that no two people on earth are alike and love CHOOSES to say #IStillDo #IStillWill #IStillShoulda, despite it all... #IStillWanna

Hopefully, this encourages somebody on their journey. I am so excited about me and Lata's journey! Most couples have a past. Lata and I have #AHistoryBehindUs and #AnEternityAhead Pray for us!

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