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BLINDIAN BLISS Coaching Programme

BLINDIAN BLISS is a group coaching program for South Asian & Black women struggling with familial, cultural, + societal scrutiny because of their Blindian relationship.

The program was designed by Tanya Mitra, Empowered Change Life Coach + DEI Consultant, and South Asian woman who has personally navigated the world of Blindian (+ blended) relationships for the past 25 years.

After sharing her story with us in March, she was overwhelmed by how many of you reached out seeking support because you struggled with navigating family, cultural bias, opinions, objections, prejudices, anti-Blackness, and sometimes even disownment from people you love.

So she created a program specifically to support you.

If you are...

* tired of not living your truth openly + freely

* feeling like you have to choose between a life with your partner + a relationship with your family

* struggling with prejudice, disapproval, judgment or even disinheritance because of your relationship

* drained from living in secrecy + leading a double life

* challenged with creating + maintaining boundaries that protect you, your relationship, your mental + emotional health

*unsure of how to have these difficult + emotional conversations with your family + others

* worried about the short + long term repercussions that your choice will have on you, your partner, your children + your relationships with others

Blindian Bliss will change your life + your perspective by supporting you with the insight, awareness, skills, and tools necessary to live happily despite the outside noise.

We want you to stop suffering in silence, scared of the consequences of living in your truth.

Love is Love, and Blindian Love is Beautiful!

Using code BLINDIANPROJECT, you will receive 15% off the program investment price!

Learn more about the Program + schedule a complimentary consultation with Tanya t

The first cohort starts May 5th and runs until June 30th.

Doors are open for enrollment until seats get filled!

BLINDIAN BLISS is waiting for you!

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