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Thirty years have passed since the release of Mira Nair's cult classic, Mississippi Masala, yet the issues of racism, classism, and anti-Blackness still plague Black x South Asian love. However, the events of 2020, have led to a racial reckoning aimed at dismantling years of oppression.


In "When We See Ourselves," Jonah Batambuze takes readers on a captivating journey into the lives of Black x South Asian individuals who are breaking societal barriers in the name of love. These ten stories cover a range of topics including anti-Blackness, LGBTQ+ issues, deaf culture, Islamophobia, lost love, and more. These raw and powerful stories are essential reading for anyone who wants to contribute to building a more equitable society.


Pages — 70

Publication date — 2021

Dimensions — 21.6 x 0.4 x 21.6cm

When We See Ourselves // Black x Brown Love Signed Copy

SKU: 0747
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