Thirty years after the release of Mira Nair's mesmerizing cult classic film, Mississippi Masala, Black x South Asian love continues to be plagued by racism, classism, and anti-Blackness. However, the unforgettable events of 2020, namely; COVID-19, George Floyd's murder and Kamala Harris' nomination as the Vice President of the United States, have inspired a racial reckoning intent on dismantling years of oppression.


In "When We See Ourselves," Batambuze takes readers on an intriguing journey into the lives of Black x South Asian individuals who are shattering societal boundaries in the name of love. These ten stories cover anti-Blackness, LGBTQ+, deaf culture, Islamophobia, lost love and more. The rawness of these stories is essential reading for anyone intent on contributing to an equitable society. 


Jonah Batambuze is a Ugandan-American, multidisciplinary creative, community builder and author of "When We See Ourselves." He was born in Chicago and raised in the cornfields of Central Illinois.


In 2001, following a successful collegiate basketball career, Batambuze studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland where he met a South Indian princess who was to later become his wife. 


Inspired by an Al-Jazeera article about street mob attacks on Africans in New Delhi, Batambuze founded The #BlindianProject — a platform that unites Black x South Asian communities. His work has been featured by BBC World News, The Times of India, The Washington Post/The Lily and other publications. Jonah lives outside London with his wife, son and daughter.

When We See Ourselves // Black x Brown Love e-Book