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Volunteers Required (London)

Hey Community,

We’re looking for volunteers to help with our Supperclub at the end of April.

- Front of house

- Back of house

Main duties, but not limited to:


- Assist with setting up the dining room and preparing tables before each seating.

- Serving during lunch and dinner service.

- Ensuring water bottles are topped up and replenishing these.

- Helping to clear up tables after each course.

- At the end of each seating, to assist with prep for the next event. This would entail cleaning up after lunch and preparing for the dinner seating and general clean up after dinner service.

Kitchen Assistants:

- Assist with the kitchen setup before each service.

- Keeping serving stations clean.

- Assisting with plating up of each course.

- Washing up between courses and preparing for the next course.

- Comfortable and able to work in a high-temperature working environment.

- Able to communicate efficiently and follow instructions.

If you're interested in participating for either the lunch or dinner seating, please email

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