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Tina & Brian

I'm Punjabi, and my husband is Kenyan. He grew up in Kenya and moved to the U.K. when he turned 18 :) We met in our first job as doctors and happened to move into the same house. Four months in, we realized we were more than friends. Six and a helf years after we first started dating, I married my best friend and soulmate in July 22’ in a truly mixed cultural and religious wedding.

I remember, six months after we started dating, I came home after my friend's wedding crying, thinking I would never be able to have that. When I first told my mum, she struggled to navigate how others would react amongst her friends, family, and the Asian community. I remember one of her friends saying they would not be able to be friends with her anymore?!.

The biggest hurdle for my mum was how her parents in India would react. We spoke to them when Brian proposed, and they welcomed him with no questions, which was a huge Relief. It's funny how my grandparents, who had never left India, were more open-minded than those brought up in the U.K.

Brian's parents were concerned about how we would be accepted by the community and wondered how our relationship would work with him being Christian and me not. In the end, we realized how many similarities we had

Our families have blended so well, and my mum adores Brian. Back when we first started dating, I never thought this day could come, but I'm so happy for us and our next chapter of creating our Blindian family.

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