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The Storm Following The Introduction

My mother finally met my significant other after us dating on/off for 15 years. The meeting was slightly awkward, and naturally, everyone was nervous. My partner visited for two hours, but my mother spent the majority of the time upstairs alone.

Eager to hear my mother's thoughts, I approached her for feedback following the meeting. Initially, my mother said my partner “wasn't attractive,” and that “other potential South Asian suitors looked better." I was devastated by her comments, but she kept them brief.

Several days following the meeting, the drama has started. Yesterday, my mother told me to "find someone else" and that I'd chosen my other half "because my self-esteem is low." She continued to say, "his job wasn’t good enough and he didn’t have anything to offer.”

To close the conversation, my mother said "I won't be around" if this continues and that she would not "feel comfortable" introducing him to even our neighbors (let alone family).

Has anyone else encountered a similar situation? If yes, how did you navigate this?

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