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Tanya & Tyran

I was born and raised in Toronto to East Indian parents from Calcutta and now live in Brooklyn.

My first Blindian relationship was in 1996. Many of the Indian girls I grew up around were sheltered and didn't rock the boat. I was the opposite. I was outspoken, asked questions that people didn't like answering, and pursued a creative field in Fashion that no one understood. I realized that it wasn't so much that my parents disapproved - it's that they didn't understand, having never had any dating experience themselves, let alone outside of their race, ethnicity or culture. Therefore, it was my job to teach them and be an example.

I was married to a Black Trinidadian-American for seven years and had a son with him, who's now ten. I also had two step-kids from that relationship. After our divorce, I am happily re-partnered with an African-American man, Tyran, and we have a two-year-old daughter together, making for a total of three boys and one girl between the two of us.

Being part of a big, beautiful Blindian family has had its challenges, but I would not re-write any part of my story. My family sometimes faces confused or disapproving looks from older Indian people, and I also get judged for having Blindian children from two different relationships. Still, my perspective is that they're the ones continuing to live in ignorance while we strive for a life of abundance. There is no better way to live than in your truth, and race has nothing to do with that part of anyone's story.

I started @tanyamitralifecoach from my very challenging life experiences as an Indian-Canadian woman, navigating culture, expectations, standards, etc., and carrying beliefs with me for years that inhibited my authenticity and prevented me from fully stepping into my power. My ex-husband walked out the same month I lost my job, and my identity as I knew it was in question. So, I had to make a choice. Rebuild with purpose or fall apart. And through that work on myself, I realized that my passion has always been to support and empower other WOC, so here we are, doing just that. Helping WOC of Immigrant Descent get unstuck, rediscover their truth, and their greatness. #BlindianProject

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