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Shakira & Cristian

Growing up, our definitions of love differed as we experienced different versions of it.

I have always admired my parent's love story because my mother broke barriers within her family and others around her. When a young Indo-Guyanese woman from Guyana fell in love with a young Black man from the Bronx, New York, they couldn't be apart. My mother knew the implications of loving my now father, but despite the difficulties and the heartache that would come from it, one day, she packed her bags and left her small village to board a plane for New York. They were of two different cultures, religions, and races, yet somehow, the one thing that brought them together was their undying loyalty, trust, and love for one another. My parents received death threats, and my mother was disowned by her parents, who never knew the date of her marriage or the birth of her children. Their hearts were filled with so much hate that they missed out on their daughter's life and all she would accomplish. But my mother did it for love, and to me that is truly commendable. My parents' love for one another has pushed me and taught me never to settle for less and to know my worth. Cristian is not only my best friend or partner but someone I can see living through this life and the next.


My parents knew each other from a young age, having lived in the same village in the Dominican Republic. Although they would soon go on separate paths in their teen years when my mother moved to the USA, their marriage almost seemed like destiny. After reuniting in their late teens, they quickly got married when they were 18, and not long after that, my father followed my mother in moving to Brooklyn, New York. My view of love comes in the form of strength to help keep you moving forward with your partner no matter what life throws at you. We struggled as a family, and money was scarce, but that never made my parents' love for each other waver. I want to build that kind of love and life with Shakira as we move forward together to build our future.

✍️: @wolfiebby7

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