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Crowdsourcing Images for "When We See Ourselves."

As we head towards the final design stages of our self-published book, entitled "When We See Ourselves," we'd like to ask for some help.

While pulling the book together, we've noticed several gaps in the photos/images.

As the book represents OUR community, we thought it's best to ask you directly for assistance.

We're looking for photos/images to convey the following:

  • Islam

  • Jollof Rice

  • Lost Love

  • Deaf Culture

If you own any photos/images you'd like to submit, @blindianproject and with the hashtag #whenweseeourselves across social and we’ll reach out. Similarly, you can email Or, feel free to reach out to us via DM.

If your photo/image is selected for our book, we'll gift you a free copy of the e-book. We’re accepting submissions until the close of business on March 24th.

Keep your eyes peeled for a more comprehensive update on When We See Ourselves will be available.

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