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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Now accepting story submissions!

Do you have a story you’d like to share? We're currently accepting submissions aligned to the following themes.

  • Marriage

  • AntiBlackness

  • Blindian relationships

  • Gender

  • Lifestyle

  • Parenting

  • Mental health

Guidelines and Suggestions for Submission:

  • Theme. While these topics offer a broad range of direction, submissions must tie back to the theme in some way.

  • Voice. Articles should reflect cohesion with the #BlindianProject’s voice. Be authentic and tell your story.

  • Variation. We are unlikely to publish any two pieces that are too similar in scope or approach. Try to think of new ways of expressing your ideas.

  • Editing. While we’re happy to offer edits and correct small issues, any final submission should be as close to publishing quality as possible.

  • Timeliness. Always aim to meet the given deadline. We can’t guarantee consideration for late submissions. Any medium is accepted, including but not limited to: lists, open letters, instructional guides, infographics, essays, personal anecdotes, videos, photo journals, recipes, poetry.

Please submit pitches and queries to

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