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No Risk, No Reward

We met in Ohio in 2018 and knew that we wanted to be together from the minute we met.

I moved from Colorado to Tampa to be with her. "No risk, no reward."

Everyone thought I was crazy.

Although we had a strong connection, we weren't oblivious to the challenges to come. Six months into our relationship, we told her family. As expected, we were met with turmoil.

My partner's relationship with her parents was thrown into question.

The dynamics in our relationship suffered. Let's just say we were losing hope.

One key element in the success of our relationship was the support we received from my family, which was a complete gamechanger!

With the help of some of my partner's family members, her parents realized that people are loved despite societal norms.

Fast forward to today, we are engaged and getting married on July 23rd and are closing on a beautiful home together. Most importantly, our families are united! Life is good! We couldn't imagine life with one another!

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