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Navigating Black x South Asian Relationships & Solidarity

As Valentine's Day approaches, the #BlindianProject and South Asians for Black Lives announced their collaboration to fight anti-Blackness within South Asian communities. Stigma still exists around Black and South Asian romantic and platonic relationships, so Valentine's Day presents an opportunity to educate our communities. The partnership commences with a week-long social media campaign on February 8th, 2021, and culminates with a two-hour online workshop on February 13th, 2021, @ 2:00 pm EST/7:00 pm GMT.

The public and organizations are invited to get involved by engaging with the hashtag #antiBlacknessChaat across social media.

About the Blindian Project

The #BlindianProject is an initiative and community of over 22,000 members worldwide. The brand aims to normalize Black x South Asian relationships while dismantling anti-Blackness. Known as the "Meeting Place for Black x South Asian Cultures," the #BlindianProject creates experiences for cross-community interactions such as; book clubs, writing groups, and experiential events that inspire solidarity. #BlindianProject is accessible on all social media platforms @blindianproject.

About South Asians for Black Lives

South Asians for Black Lives is a program of Malikah started by a group of South Asian women in California. The program aims to call on the South Asian community to dismantle anti-Blackness and join the racial solidarity movement. The program is focused on education and awareness within the South Asian community through our social media, a monthly newsletter, webinars, and in-person cohort-based programs. South Asians for Blacks Lives can be found @southasians4blacklives on social media.

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