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Lovie Olivia & Preetika

Her name is is Lovie.

My name means Loveable.

I should have known then..

We schmoozed at art openings. I posed for a painting.

We sketched tattoo designs. Went to a movie. Recounted failed marriages. I moved across the country.

Phone calls got longer.

Texts, flirty.

I came into town.

We went to a party.

Fingers met.

Intertwined, electric.

Upstairs to see her art collection.

A hug goodbye lingered.

We kissed.


Everything Aligned.


Two women from different lands,

we found home

in each other.


@lovieolivia and @prajgariah are both visual artists. Their origin story is one for the books (or Netlfix)! Lovie is Houston-born, Black, and Mexican, while Preetika immigrated from New Delhi to Houston when she was young. Their paths crossed amidst the local art scene, and their friendship flourished over food, arts, and culture. Though their lives and upbringing seem polar opposite at times, they have found much more connectivity than difference in the folds. Their love is unapologetic, unwavering, and radical.

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