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Lipika & Daniel

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Daniel and I met unexpectedly in May 2019, on a rooftop bar. I was going through a separation after being married for ten years, and being a mother to a four-year-old, finding love was the last thing on my mind.

Something about Daniel was different, and I took the chance to smile at him. He came to introduce himself, and here we are, 1 1/2 years later. Our relationship grew over a few months, and it often felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend. We just clicked!

Earlier that year, Daniel accepted an Assistant Professor teaching position and moved to Georgia. I didn’t think we would last because we were only getting to know each other, but Daniel proved me wrong.

Fast forward to today, Daniel moved back to Richmond, and we live five minutes away from each other. My son and my friends love him. My sister in India, who he ‘met’ through video chat, adores him. Funnily enough, Daniel can speak a fair amount of Hindi and has watched more Hindi movies than I can name.

I have an extended family here in the states because of Daniel and have learned a lot about African-American culture. His family has been very accepting of me and I cannot wait for him to visit Indian.

Nothing about this relationship was anything short of pure love and utmost respect. I honestly didn’t know what people meant when they said they found their soulmate. Now I do. We have learned that Blindian relationships requires a lot of patience and understanding, but the rewards and cultural enrichment we provide each other makes life memorable.

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