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Leslie & Jaspreet

My name is Leslie and my fiancé is Jaspreet. I’m Trinidadian-American and Jaspreet is Sikh-Punjabi. We live in NYC and met via a dating app.

When we first started dating, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Our journey has been filled with struggles with our respective conservative families.

My Christian family has had a hard time fully accepting me. We still get along, but my relationship with my dad is somewhat strained.

For Jaspreet, the struggle was mainly her family’s overall disapproval and trying to navigate how she wants to lead her life while still trying to keep a relationship with them.

Over the years we have learned to navigate the challenges that come our way. As we have made our own choice to be with each other, we’ve realized that the choice is our families whether they want to be a part of our future or not.

Three years later, we are happily engaged and living together with our kitten Gingerpreet, looking forward to the great things ahead.

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