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Lagaan Freestyle: Rama Kazi

Rama Kazi is a Blindian artist and producer from Atlanta, GA. He grew up in a diverse suburb of the city where he spent his childhood forging an identity out of his cultures and indulging his passion for music.

I knew it was only a matter of time until we collaborated. When we finally connected, Rama Kazi explained the lightbulb moment when he envisaged blending both cultures in his craft.

"I was driving home from work and playing the soundtrack to Lagaan since it’s one of my favorite Bollywood projects. After a minute of hearing the tablas and dholis going crazy, I started freestyling over some of the songs. Eventually, the 💡went off in my head and thus the idea for Bollywood Swing was born. As @blindianproject and I started laughing about how dope that was, we decided to drop something that would reflect that story and show how easily Black and Indian culture blend together. Today, we’re proud to share the results of our conversation

Who is up next?

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