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Krishna & Gomar

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

How long are you willing to wait for the love?

Our story began in the summer of 2003 when Gomar and I met through friends. I was studying for my MCATs, and Gomar offered to tutor me on Physics. I thought he was trying to find an excuse to hang out with me, so I said no! But as fate would have it, we kept running into each other due to mutual friends. We started casually hanging out, and long phone conversations turned into frequent weekend trips to visit me in college.

We spent the next 15 years after meeting in a vortex of different phases and emotions that included having tremendous fun, growing as individuals and friends, blooming a deeply passionate #love for each other, and extreme pain when my parents forbade me to be with him.

I spent years trying to date someone who would fit their bill, mostly Indian doctors. It resulted in a lot of anxiety, hurt feelings, a complicated #relationship with my parents, and resentment.

I always went back to Gomar for comfort, unconditional love, and friendship but lacked the courage to stand up to my parents. I am an only child. My parents used many emotionally manipulative techniques, including threatening to disown me, committing suicide, and gaslighting (they thought they were doing what was best for me, but it was emotional abuse).

It took a long time for me to overcome the fear and finally talk to my parents. I tried to do things their way, but it was only hurtful to me. I told them I wouldn't have it any other way. In the end they obliged.

We had a BIG FAT Indian-Jamaican wedding! Dum allo sat next to curry goat. My parents LOVE Gomar now and think of him as their son. What a waste of years!!

We have the most amazing 12-month-old daughter who is truly the best of both worlds. The most amazing part is that she gets to live a truly free life with unconditional love from her parents. She gets to choose if and who she wants to love, her career, how to dress, etc. The best gift we can give her is to teach her that we are all born with the freedom and right to choose our life path.

We look forward to connecting with the BlindianProject #community and hope that our daughter can meet some of your beautiful children!

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