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Judeshen & Devin

My name is Judeshen, and my husband's name is Devin. We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and were both skeptical, as we'd never done that before.

I remember walking towards the restaurant and seeing this attractive guy on his phone. Moments later, he sat across from me at the table & my heart started racing. The conversation was never forced or strained, and everything flowed naturally. I took Devin to my favorite restaurant a week later, and we started dating.

We both come from very cultured/religious backgrounds, with Devin being Christian and me being Hindu. Religion was never an issue amongst ourselves, as we both respect each other's faith and show an interest.

My family adores Devin, and they are very accepting and supportive of us. My mother is his no'1 fan😄. Devin's siblings have been very accepting of us and welcoming to me. However, his parents haven’t been as supportive. But, that has not held us back from loving each other.

Although our cultural and religious background molds and shapes us into the people we become. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than you and your partner's happiness.

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