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Indira Ngo

My background brings two distinct and different cultures together, which brings a new dimension to what it means to be racially diverse.

My mother is Indian, from UP (North India) 🇮🇳, and my father is Nigerian from West Africa 🇳🇬. They met at university when my father was studying in India. People in the West don’t realize that African students have traveled to India and abroad for years to pursue higher education before and during civil rights. But, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

There is so much about our diverse culture that western society is not exposed to. As a mixed girl with an Indian name, many people are shocked to find out that I am also an Indian .

My reflection for the future is a better understanding of what we represent as people of the South Asian and African diaspora, and how can we transform the dominant discourse into one that is inclusive, accepting, and enlightened.

Regardless of whether you’re Dougla, Blasian, or Blindian, two colors, when blended, bring a new hue to the palate of traditional colors 🙌🏽

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