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I Thought My Parents Would Be Happy When I Told Them I Was Pregnant, I was wrong.

My parents are abusive and manipulative, and I've made a conscious effort to set boundaries with them. It seemed as if they'd accepted my Blindian relationship, but I'm not sure it was genuine.

My parents hoped they have that same sense of control with my husband, but that too has cracked. He has always been cordial with them and tried to make sure that I got on with them, but he's finally put his foot down.

The other day I told my father we were pregnant. His response was, "you guys are legally married, right?" I'm hurt and annoyed.

We both graduated from Law school and are doing well for ourselves. At a time in our lives when we feel happy and are thriving, they made me feel dirty and ashamed. A baby is due, WTF.

Is this a common thing in Blindian relationships?

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Nureshmi Hassim
Nureshmi Hassim
Mar 01, 2021

Hello dear my heart felt so moved that made me to reach out. Congratulations on being parents. We don't have our own kids but step son from my husband's side so my South Asian parents have no say in his upbringing. My experience with my parents has been their love and approval to Blindian relationship seems to be transactional and conditional. It comes from a place of not loosing me therefore tolerating my husband. We are setting up boundaries with my parents. My partner hardly talks to them and hardly visits them. Much love to you and your husband.

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