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Food is Love Manifested On a Plate

Jonah Batambuze

Untitled / 2021

Onions, Lamb mince, paneer, coriander, canned tomatoes, frozen vegetables, National Keema spice, MDH Karahi paneer masala spice

Traditional home-cooked food is LOVE manifested on a plate. Food nourishes our souls and is essential for survival. In addition, it is the center and the creator of community, seamlessly bringing people of various cultures, races, religions, etc., to the same table.

Despite my Ugandan background and being raised on a diet consisting mainly of samosa's, It took 21-years before my first intimate conversation with a South Asian person. Interestingly, that person later became my wife.

In the beginning, cooking, sharing, and eating traditional food were ways we shared our cultures. As @chellikeshavan once said, "An investment in understanding the origins of another's food tradition is a powerful means of showing love and commitment." And, it wasn't long until I was cooking my own curries.

After 15+ years of following recipes handed down from generations and incorporating my own style, I finally passed my father-in-law's taste test.

I don't proclaim to be the best chef in the world. That isn't the intent of this artwork. Instead, this proves anything is achievable with an open mind and a willingness to embrace what may be seen as slightly different.

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