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BlindianProject Conversations // June 26th, 2023 // 9:00 pm GMT // 4:00 pm EST // 1:00 pm PST

Following our conversations on Sakeina Syed’s @nytimes article, South Asian College Students Are Fake Marrying for the Vibes. And, @tomezzzzz @buzzfeed article on a similar happening within the Nigerian community: These Twentysomethings Have Started Throwing Fake Weddings, it's safe to say the community has questions.

Versus us making assumptions, we wanted to hear from people who've organized similar events.

Sarah Khan, President, Pakistani American Student Association, Ohio State University

Majoring in Political Science with a minor in Legal Foundations of Society and History. Sarah works alongside fellow board members to promote educational, cultural, and social events from the students to the students. She was born and raised in Columbus and lived in Saudi Arabia for a year when she was younger. Also, a part-time barista!

Huda Naseer, Vice-President, Pakistani American Student Association, Ohio State University:

Majoring in Marketing with a minor in Film Studies and Civic Engagement. Over the past two years, she has enjoyed serving on the executive board of the Pakistani American Students' Association at Ohio State. Over these years, she has worked with her fellow board members to create an inclusive campus environment where students can learn about Pakistan and its culture.

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