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BlindianProject Carnival NYC // Celebration of Solidarity

The @blindianprojectcarnival is a multisensory, immersive experience celebrating the intersection of Black x Brown culture.

Following the success of our London event, we descend on @madamjinyc, in Greenwich Village — for a monumental celebration of solidarity.

The past few years have changed our perspectives on what we value in life. For too long, we've shortened our names, switched up our accents, and dampened our shine. Today, we recognize our critical need for social connections and community that allow us to be seen, feel valued, and be heard.

The BlindianProject Carnival is for those not bound by geographical or cultural boundaries. We center Black x Brown JOY and create safe spaces for global citizens to unapologetically explore the commonalities of our existence while stressing the importance of solidarity.

Early bird tickets are still available, and you won’t want to miss this lineup!

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