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Arian & Madhivanan

My name is Arian, and my husband's name is Madhivanan. Less than a week ago, we were married at a courthouse in Texas where we live. I am African American, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and Madhi is Tamil Indian from Chennai, India.

We met online one year ago. I'd never dated outside of my race before Madhivanan, so this was new for me. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I assumed there would be huge cultural differences between our two communities. However, I quickly realized that we share many of the same values and sense of humor, which I love!

Out in public, we occasionally get stares from the Indian community. I imagine they are wondering, "how the heck did this happen? Lol

I've only met Madhivanan's family via FaceTime. They were extremely kind, and his mother cried joyfully that he'd found someone. We're planning a trip to India next year to meet face-to-face finally. Madhivanan met my family in person a few months back, and they all instantly fell in love.

I would've never thought I'd find my soulmate via a dating app, but I'm happy I did! Love wins, and I'm so grateful to experience this kind of love with someone.

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