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#antiBlacknessChaat Begins

Today kicks off our week-long #antiBlacknessChaat collaboration with @southasians4blacklives , culminating in a workshop on 13/02.

Black x South Asian relationships are an inevitable feature and reality wherever these communities co-exist. However, despite a shared history, these relationships are often plagued by stories of racism, classism, and AntiBlackness.

In 2020, Black x South Asian relationships became a topic of conversation which could no longer be swept under the rug. With an unprecedented amount of interest, we thought it a perfect opportunity to re-frame the conversation.

Join us as we provide a clearer understanding of Black x South Asian relationships, the societal challenges these couples face, and how people can be true allies of these relationships. Participate in the conversation by using #antiBlacknessChaat across social media.

How Do Black x South Asian Communities Work Towards Solidarity?

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