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Adelina & Ryan

Ryan and I met in Abu Dhabi. He is from the US of A. I'm an Indian raised her whole life in Abu Dhabi, UAE. When we met, Ryan was in the process of moving to another country.

I love attending church because it constantly challenges my thinking and helps me look at the bigger picture. So, when I met Ryan, I asked him if he wanted to go to church with me, and he agreed. We hit it off quickly and secretly started dating. Whenever we hung out together, we realized that we both felt at home.

I told Ryan I couldn't date anyone because my parents wouldn't accept it. Yes, the grown 27-year-old me said that. During this time, my parents were exchanging "resumes" with potential suitors. I was really upset when my mom asked me to send her my resume. My only response was, "Is he going to hire me or marry me?" I didn't know how to mention that I'd been bonding and hanging out with a man from a different race, knowing my parents were talking with the families of potential Indian suitors. I was also afraid I would be engaged to a stranger if I waited any longer.

So, I gathered the courage and told them about Ryan. They seemed calm and asked if they could meet him. To my surprise, they instantly fell in love with him!

The more I learn about interracial marriages and some of the struggles that come with it; it makes us thankful for our in-laws. My parents love Ryan and spoil him and his parents. They always treat us with the utmost respect and care.

As of yesterday, 11/11, we have officially been married for seven years! We are constantly learning about each other's culture, music, food, etc. and are loving it! "

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