A Letter From South Africa

As with some Indians in South Africa, I'm not exactly sure where my family originates. One day, I hope to trace my roots. All I know is that my maternal great-great-grandfather worked in the fields and was offered the chance to go to Africa. I believe he met my great-great-grandmother in South Africa, but I don't know much more about their story. My gran recently passed away, and because of her tough childhood, she wasn't always keen to speak about her history.

I live in an area called Verulam that used to be a farm town. In South Africa, you'll find that most Indians are from Durban in a province called Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The environment I grew up in was very diverse. An older Black woman who helped around our house was almost like a second mother to us. She came into our family when my older sister was two months old, and she's still a part of our family today.