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Hi Families!,

I'm excited and grateful to be a part of a budding community of fellow Blindian parents. My name is Petra and I live in Jersey City, New Jersey (US) with my Hyderabadi husband and our 19 month old son.

As an African-American mom, my desire is for my son to embody the riches of both cultures. As we’ve overcome the ability to be together, my husband and I still confront the obstacles of navigating seamlessly between the cultures. Normally its the mom who ensures these norms, relationships and events are followed (who else will do the stitching, cooking, and planning 😉). However, I don’t currently speak Telugu (studying), for example...I'm not familiar with the familial names/relationships titles (Pedammama, Chinamma, Mammas, etc.), my biryani/idli leaves a lot to be desired (for now, studying) and I have very little education on any festivals, events, poojas, celebrations, etc. needless to say this is not looked up favorably by Athamma😬.

HELP please :)! Would love to share, vent, chat and vibe with other parents sharing these same experiences (and most importantly LEARN! I too can happily provide insights on the African-American experience).

Nice to meet you! Petra

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